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ClearClick Software Guitar2USB

Seems like any recording devices for audio to computer or instrument to computer cost a hefty investment. Its not unusual to see equipment costing $200 or more and that is a price that can really hurt a struggling musician. I came across ClearClick Software’s Guitar2USB setup a short while ago and I think I finally found a lower cost alternative that more importantly works just as good as the expensive rigs. Unless you have a very good sound card in your computer using the audio in plug is going to frustrate you as most computers produce a lot of background noise. Continue reading…


Grand Theft Auto V (XB1) Review

The grass is always greener…
2014 has been the year for re-releasing older games with a new coat of paint. In fact some would argue that the best game of the year is a re-release. That said, we all know it is going to be a long time before Rockstar brings a proper Grand Theft Auto game built for these new machines, so to satisfy the craving now they are bringing their incredibly rich outing from last year to the new consoles, complete with a bevy of upgrades. They’ve added new secrets, improved visuals and even a new perspective to play the game from. This is more than the average re-release. Continue reading…


Flying Saucer in a Buddhist Temple in Thailand

Flying saucer in a Buddhist temple in Thailand, there are about 40 thousand temples, and perhaps one of the most interesting – Buddhist temple Wat Phra Dhammakaya. He is famous for its huge size and is located in Khlong Luang district just 16 km from the international airport in Bangkok, but in spite of this, little of him who knows.


Fabulous oasis in the African wilderness lakes Ubari

Fabulous oasis in the African wilderness lakes Ubari Is this natural wonder in what is now Libya, among the sand dunes. Scientists suggest that before there existed an impressive aquatic ecosystem, but now there is just about twenty small lakes. The landscape created by the aquamarine waters amid high sand mounds, a truly fabulous – so probably seems weary traveler a mirage in the desert. Surrounded by a small islands of green lake look very picturesque, so here often tourists come from all over the land. The most beautiful and naturally the most visited lake – Umm al-Maa and Gaberun. In their neighborhoods are located tourist camps and camps, which offers the necessary equipment and assistance in the investigation of these places.


Yellow River In China

“Yellow River” in China, the Yellow River (which means “Yellow River”) – the second largest river in China. The discovery of the famous reservoir on the river – a very impressive sight. After opening the sluices of the reservoir have an enormous flow of water and sand. This allows you to clean water discharge for the Yellow River silt and prevent local flooding.