Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Communication is a Key to Fiverr Success

Communication is a Key to Success

"communicate with your buyer" one of the biggest benefits of good communication is that it helps to build trust, especially when working with first time buyers.

way to get more customers to leave a positive review

If your customer's aren't taking a moment to leave a positive review after you've completed the sale, you might consider giving them a little incentive. When you deliver your order, offer them something free as a token of appreciation for taking the time to leave a positive review.

How to remove negative reviews and ratings

A big challenge for fiverr seller is getting negative ratings from buyer. It just spoil seller gigs as well as his base ratings. I found many fiverr seller who completed thousands of jobs without any negative ratings. How is it possible? Definitely their service quality is top notch. But is this the only thing? I think no. With better services you need good communication skills. I found many seller who remove there negative ratings from there gigs. But how? Here is some tips.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

10 Tips To Help You Make Money With Fiverr

My Top 10 Tips For Making Money With Fiverr

What started out as a lark on December 12, 2011 has now turned into something much, much bigger.

I know, it sounds crazy. I've read all those blogs, too. But you really can make a steady, 4-figure income on Fiverr. And I'm living proof.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Social Media Traffic Generation Tips

The Internet is a social place. Although everything is done in the virtual world, the place is swarming with social networks, social media sites and social opportunities to target your niche market and network with the right prospects. So why not take advantage of the social nature of the net by using social media as a way to generate traffic and target your niche. Below we have listed some of the top tips in the subject of social media traffic.

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