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Make some noise for your business. ​​'We've got the whole world in our hands!'


Promote your Twitter,Facebook,  LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon, WordPress page, eBay auction, music, book, blog, art, ad, website or business to my 690,000 Twitter followers!


Hello, my name's Golam Rabbani and welcome to my twitter advertising network.

ln 212 I joined Twitter and set up some Twitter page and since then I've built up a whopping empire of 690,000 followers.

​I started off using my Twitter account to promote my Youtube videos, but after watching it steadily grow I decided to take the bull by the horns and register myself as self-employed with HMRC (the UK's tax office) and rename it Exposure4All, so that I could dedicate all of my time to helping others promote their Twitter, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook, Amazon and WordPress pages, eBay auctions, music, books, blogs, art, ads, websites and businesses.

I started trading on the 1st of November 2012 and just a day later received an order from a gentleman named Eric Sanchez, who was purchase from me on his business behalf, in order to increase their exposure and drum up support for what eventually proved to be a successful re-election campaign only 4 days later on the 6th of November 2012.

Just after placing his first order, Eric claimed he'd been asked by the U.S. government to test my service and if there was ''an impact'' then he would be contacting me again on their behalf to ''place a second order'' and place a second order he did, only 2 days later on the 4th of November 2012.

The following month he sent me an ''Invitation to connect'' on LinkedIn and when I accepted, he began to publicly endorse my skills as an Online Marketer and also other skills he considered relevant to my role...

Although I do on the odd occasion receive orders and more often than not repeat orders (as in the case mentioned above) from political figures and the occasional TV celebrity alike, the majority of my working week is spent simply promoting everyday people, who are just trying to promote themselves or their messages to the wider world.

Check out some of the impressive feedback comments my customers have been leaving about me via email and on Twitter since I started trading...

​By popular demand I now offer the following 3 packages to cater for businesses and people with larger budgets, but also those on a more limited budget...

(Finest Package)...

270 tweets (1-270 posts tweeted to my 690,000 followers at a rate of 5 per day for 54 days)! - $50
(Standard Package)...

90 tweets (1-90 posts tweeted to my 690,000 followers at a rate of 5 per day for 18 days)! - $20

​(Value Package)...

30 tweets (1-30 posts tweeted to my 690,000 followers at a rate of 5 per day for 6 days)! - $10

I schedule my customer's post/s to be tweeted at designated or self-selected times using scheduling software as soon as they have composed and submitted the post or however many posts they want me to tweet to the newsfeeds of my followers, up to and not beyond the number of tweets they've purchased (i.e. 270, 90 or 30).

If a customer submits less posts for me to tweet than the number of tweets they've purchased, then I schedule their posts (if there are more than 1 of them) to be tweeted in the order they were submitted and then I repeat/loop them from the beginning until my customer has received the number of tweets they've paid for. So if a customer purchases '270 tweets...' for example and decides to send me 5 posts to tweet, I schedule their posts to be tweeted from 1 to 5 and once the fifth post has been tweeted I start tweeting from the first post again and I repeat this pattern until my customer has had 270 tweets tweeted to the newsfeeds of my 690,000 followers.

I schedule posts to be tweeted with an hour time delay between each one, until my customer's post or posts have been tweeted a total of 5 times on the day of, or on the day after payment. Their next 5 tweets will hit the newsfeeds of my followers at the same times of the day as the previous 5, but 24 hours later. This pattern will be repeated until each customer's post or posts have been tweeted the purchased number of times (i.e. 270, 90 or 10).

As well as confirming it with my customers via email after I've scheduled their post or posts to be tweeted, I also have an app on my phone which alerts me fifteen minutes after a customer's last tweet has been tweeted, which allows me to notify them again via email when their order has been completed and direct them to my Twitter page so that they can verify completion for themselves.


Many people ask this before purchasing and thanks to a customer who introduced me to a site called 'Status People' which analyses the followers of a given Twitter user, I'm now able to provide statistics which show what percentage of my followers are 'Fake', 'Inactive', or 'Good'. Check out these impressive statistics below...



Many people also ask this before purchasing and thanks to a site called 'TweepsMap' which analyses the followers of a given Twitter user from their Twitter profile data, I'm now able to provide statistics which show what percentage of my followers are from each of the countries listed below. The countries displayed are the countries where the highest percentage of my followers are from, listed in order of highest to lowest.

To see EXACTLY what percentage of my followers are from each country, simply hover your mouse over or click on a piece of the pie chart, moving clockwise around the chart from the largest piece first if you wish to see the percentages in order of highest to lowest...

South Africa
South Korea
Saudi Arabia
New Zealand
Dominican Re…
Other 195
Location               Count
USA       281,821
UK.         88,820
Canada 26,443
Japan    26,165
Brazil     22,634
Mexico 14,847
India      14,732
Australia              13,344
Indonesia            11,159
South Africa       10,441
Spain     9,646
Venezuela          9,637
South Korea       9,396
Argentina            9,220
Philippines          8,251
Germany             7,815
Nigeria  6,937
Russia   6,548
Netherlands       5,512
France  4,963
Colombia             4,926
Turkey  4,813
Ireland  4,628
Italy       4,241
Saudi Arabia       3,708
Chile      3,265
Kenya   2,929
Malaysia              2,670
Pakistan               2,628
New Zealand     2,176
Ukraine                2,151
UAE       1,912
Ecuador                1,905
Greece 1,771
Dominican Republic        1,743
Bangladesh         1,732
Other 195            48,314
View Exposure4All's profile on TweepsMap


Many people also ask this before purchasing and thanks to a connection of mine on LinkedIn who introduced me to Twitter's 'Analytics' service, which analyses the followers of a given Twitter user from both their Twitter profile data and their tweets, I'm now able to provide statistics which show what percentage of my followers have the most unique interests and what these interests are, what the top interests of my followers are and what percentage of them have these interests and the Twitter users that the highest percentage of my followers follow, which if you search for the Twitter pages of these accounts and have a read of their Twitter bios, might shed some further light on the kind of people my followers like to follow and therefore the kinds of things that they're interested in.

Just for good measure and as you can see from the screenshot below, the Twitter 'Analytics' service also lists the cities which the highest percentage of my followers are from (which may be of use to you) and what percentage of my followers are either male or female, which may be of use to you if you're keen for me to promote a gender specific product/item or service.



As I say to a lot of potential customers, this is largely dependent on how much what you ask me to post appeals to my followers.

All I can tell you is that I promote this very website to my Twitter followers, just as I would yours (but in my case 24 times per day), giving them a rough idea what this site is about and here are my statistics showing the number of new visitors that have visited this website during the past week...



So if you're interested in having your post or posts tweeted to the newsfeeds of 690,000 people and you think that either of my 3 fantastic promotional packages are for you, then simply select the tariff that best suites your needs from the list at the bottom of this page and complete the checkout process.

You'll then be redirected to one of three currently hidden web pages on this website like the one pictured in the slide show below, where you will be asked to verify your full name, the PayPal registered email address you used to make your purchase (or the one you attached to your card payment), the times (subject to availability) of day (UK time) that you'd like your 5 daily tweets to be tweeted at each day (if you have a preference, if not, leave this section displaying 'No Preference' and I'll pick the times for you based on my professional experience) and then you'll be prompted to type or copy and paste the post or posts you'd like me to tweet to my followers in the spaces provided, attaching any photos/pictures you might wish to include with each post by clicking on one of the many 'Upload (or drag files here).' tabs listed and then uploading your image, before finally scrolling down the page and clicking on my 'SUBMIT POST/S' button.


If you don't have the post or posts you want me to tweet ready at this stage please don't worry, you can simply either bookmark your submission page and come back to it, navigate away from it and email your post/s to me via the email address shown further down this page or via my 'Contact Me' page form when you're ready to, or you can wait for me to email you the link to it which I will do within 12 hours.

I will always send all correspondence to your PayPal registered email address (or the email address you supplied with your card payment), so please make sure that the email account that you use for daily use is the same one that's registered to your PayPal account or that you supplied with your card payment and if it's not, then be prepared to check either that apply to you, INCLUDING your 'Junk Mail'/'Spam' folder for an initial email and for future emails from me.

So what are you waiting for? These are limited time offers as prices are set to rise in under a month, so grab yourself a bargain now and reach an audience that many businesses pay a fortune to reach!!!

If you have any questions then you're more than welcome to email me at or you can submit your query via my 'Contact Me' form on the 'Contact Me' page of this website that I referred to earlier by clicking > HERE <. Though please note that although the software I use means that adverts are tweeted to my Twitter followers 24 hours per day, my working hours (i.e. the hours that I'm actually at or nearby by my computer) are 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (UK time), Monday to Sunday. So if you send me an email, use my 'Contact Me' form, or place an order whilst the clock below is displaying a time outside of these hours, then your order won't be processed, nor will you receive a personal response until it displays the time 8:00 AM again. But when it does, rest assured that your query/order will be dealt with promptly.